How does it work?

Enter your Wi-Fi credentials (network/SSID, password) and print them on piece of paper. Put that paper somewhere in your living room, restaurant etc.

Your guests then are able to connect to your Wi-Fi simply by scanning the QR code! Alternatively, they can type in the password the old fashioned way.

How can I scan the QR code?

We recommend downloading our QRbot app at available both on Android and iOS. It is well-designed, fast and free!

If you are running on iOS 11 or higher you can alternatively use the built-in camera app.

What password should I choose?

A Wi-Fi QR code provides the convenience of having a strong safe password without the hassle of typing it! So choose a strong password which typically contains:

  • at least 16 characters
  • upper- and lowercase characters
  • numbers
  • special characters (%, $, &, ...)

WPA/WPA2, WEP or None?

WPA/WPA2 is the securest option and also the default setting for most Wi-Fi access points. If you are not sure choose this option. None means your Wi-Fi is unprotected and open to everyone.

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